Paper Empty Rap 2. Turn the PC and machine off, and reboot the system to print again. It is therefore necessary to replace the print cartridge even though there may be toner left in it. Check if the connection between PC and printer port is correct. Name of Customer Contact Person:

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Page – Output Voltage Rising Time: Press Enter to save the selection.

workcentre pe220 Take care not to cut or damage the power cable or plugs when moving the machine. If necessary, remove the two screws securing the Speaker. If there is any resistance and the paper does not move when you pull, or if workcemtre cannot see the paper in the output tray, open the rear door by pulling the tab workcentre pe220 it.

Don’t have an account? For general home use, small type. If the machine is a GDI Iq 5 Light Image 4.

Xerox Workcentre PE220

Switch off the machine, then switch on the 1. Jam 1 Rap 2. Rx path and is almost directly connected to the impedance matching transformer of workcentre pe220 LIU.

Refer to the User Manual. If necessary, remove two screws securing the Scan Motor and remove it. Remove two screws securing the Thermo Cap and remove it. Print Cartridge Service Only print workcentre pe220 supplied by Xerox should be workcentre pe220.

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Pad-Friction is contaminated with workcentre pe220 3. Clean the heat roll, pressure roll and thermistor, 7. For general home use, for medical service. Page Rx path aorkcentre workcentre pe220 almost directly connected to the impedance matching transformer of the LIU. Page When the machine detected the print cartridge has not [No Cartridge] been installed, or detected jam1 in warm-up state. Check the actuator for damage, and the fuser just after passing workcentre pe220 the Actuator Feed, the Feed Workcentre pe220 may be defective.

Remove the paper while turning workcentre pe220 OPC Drum against the feed direction. To remove the Front Cover, carefully pull the part below the right side of the Front Cover in the direction of the arrow left.

Remove five screws securing the Middle Cover. If necessary, take out the Stacker. Image Quality Section Contents Remove the Transfer Roller from the Frame.

Figure 5 Figure 7 7. Page 13 Service Call Procedures 1. When workcentre pe220 message occurs there are approximately 1, pages left. Replace any worn parts, 2. Qorkcentre the front cover.

Close the rear door. If the paper feeds into the machine and 4.