14 Jan WAR FIELD SPYING ROBOT WITH NIGHT VISION WIRELESS CAMERA. 1. BY ABHILASH KOTAWAR (07W11A) VENKATANARAYANA. 28 Oct This is kind of robot can be helpful for spying purpose in war fields. This project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle using RF technology. | P a g e. WAR FIELD SPYING ROBOT WITH NIGHT VISION. CAMERA a RF based spying robot attached with wireless camera that can reduce the.

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Robots in Military- Overview About Spying Robot

Its applications can be:. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We can design a simple prototype of a war field spying robot which can controlled remotely and the images transmitted by the camera can be monitored and analyzed on a television. Know all about Soccer Playing Robot — Elprocus. One of the basic features of robots used in military operations is that they are not completely automatic. The wireless night vision camera embedded on the robot consists of a wireless transmitter.

The transmitter unit consists of an encoder which receives parallel data input from war field spying robot with night vision wireless camera microcontroller through the push buttons and transmits this parallel data in serial format through the RF module. Now that we had a brief idea about war field robot, let us have a brief recall about practical robots in defense.

Their operations can be from disposing bombs, to surveying enemy territories. The receiver unit consists of a RF receiver module which demodulates the received signal and a decoder which receives the serial data through the RF receiver module and converts it into parallel form. War field spying robot with night vision wireless camera is very inspiring article. Hi Divya Shekhawat please contact Mr. There are 3 kinds of unmanned machines used in the military operations:.

I am pleased with your good work. This serial data is modulated with a carrier signal using a RF transmitter and is transmitter. So let us have a brief idea about how we can use a robot in war fields for spying purpose.

Engineering Final Year Project Kits

It consists of a transmitter section which transmits the required information to the receiver section. The images are converted to digital signals by the transmitter unit and the receiver unit receives these digital signals and reconverts them to images and these images war field spying robot with night vision wireless camera videos are then monitored and analyzed on a Television unit. The camera is powered with a 12 V battery and captures these images and transmits them to the receiver unit connected to a Television unit.

The entire control of the robot is done remotely. How to Build a Robot with an Arduino and Microcontroller. For example if we press the left button, the microcontroller sends the command to the receiver unit through the wireleas and the RF module.

This article contains really cakera information. Please visit this category to check live projects of robotics along with information http: They are actually controlled remotely by human beings.

All we need to have is the following components to design a war field spying robot apart from a base with wheels and motors. Add Comment Cancel reply Comment: The spying robot as its name suggests in the one used for the purpose of spying on enemy territories.

On pressing the respective push button, Microcontroller is programmed to send relevant signals to the Encoder in parallel form. The Microcontroller uses this data to give appropriate control signal to the motor driver IC to control the operation of the two motors.

Thus the robot can be moved forward or in reverse qar by controlling the motor, while the camera does its work simultaneously. The encoder converts these parallel signals to serial form to be transmitted by the Orbot module.

War Field Spying Robot with Night Vision Camera by Android Application

Hi Ramakrishnan I was delighted to receive your note and was especially pleased to read your kind words about this article And once again please visit our domestic website http: The reason IR light is preferred is because at night time, it is usually dark fielf since war field spying robot with night vision wireless camera camera needs light for illumination, infra red light is the most preferred option as all objects emit a range of Infra red light.

The Robot is simply covered by pressing few buttons at the transmitter side. Hi Googled Regret We are very sorry to say this please mention specific article which you need wtih again please visit our international website http: All that is needed is a wireless camera fitted on the robot circuit which captures images and videos of enemy territories and transmits these images, which are received by the receiver viion of the TV.