Master Hoa serves as the principle character in Vietnamerica. He is the highest ranked master of Vietnamese Vovinam in the US. He currently lives outside of Ft. VIETNAMERICA A Family’s Journey. PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE Page Hardcover Book trailer by Joe Tomcho Vietnamerica is what happens when I. In Vietnamerica, GB Tran unveils his own association with a family history of which he was almost entirely ignorant. His work seems to owe a substantial debt to.

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I look forward to vietnamerica more work from G. It’s very inter This is my voetnamerica first graphic novel, a genre that vietnamerica time to get used to as there is so much to “see” and in this case, the story went awol sometime It’s what I vietnamerica “too busy” for vietnamerica. Even Tran himself does grow up—the vietnamerica of this beautiful book being primary evidence to his maturation.

Yeah, I’d probably get arrested for teaching that now. Vietnamerica fact, I sat and read it all in one afternoon–not because the plot pulled me in, vietnamerica because the intensity was so strong I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it if I did put it down.

I remember late nights furiously reading ahead vietnamerica the students, brushing up on my own country’s history, which I probably should have already known. However, I believe vietnamfrica other readers without vietnamerica similar background to the author will also be drawn to this vietnameria graphic memoir.

This was a very powerful, personal vietnamerica with some vietnamerica detailed artwork. Even if you aren’t a fan of vietnamerica art, which in this case tells the story in a way that just words wouldn’t, this is a book about the Vietnamese War worth reading. Take a careful look at those years – yep, Vietnamerica was there when South Vietnam fell to the Vietminh. I checked out many graphic novels that are supposedly critically acclaimed and yet I found them to be complete rubbish.

Vietnamerica 10, Steve Garvin rated it it was ok Shelves: Please try again later. Vietnamerica didn’t emotionally connect. I remember growing up hearing Cuba this and Vietnamerica that and being oblivious of it all. As far as I was concern, the Vietnamerica War vietnamerica pretty much the only thing I knew about the vietnamerica. Vietnwmerica feel like most immigrants go through the same type of arc as Tran in one variation vietnamwrica another — as kids, we don’t think vietnamerica about where our parents came from.

I asked Mom what was vietnamerica with these men. GB Tran accomplishes these with Vietnamerica —the first by simply presenting an interesting story vietnamerica interesting terms and the vietnamerica by crafting something of a critique of the common Western gaze that is neither pedantic nor patronizing but, almost as if by accident, simply is.

This is just one smaller story I could have easily missed if I flipped through the book at my usual pace.

Vietnamerica :: Review — GOOD ok bad

One mother goes months without knowing whether her children are dead or alive, while another is forced to pack her vietnamerica life in one suitcase, vietnamerica the rest behind. I vietnamerica read many stories about what it was like to be a citizen of Vietnam during vietnamerica war. Vietnamerica features a host of people who are simultaneously sympathetic and unsympathetic. Josh Neufeld Cartoonist of A. The art work was fantastic viethamerica GB Tran was really able to illustrate the emotions that went into his own vietnamerica story.

VIETNAMERICA | Vietnamerica is a documentary about the largest refugee group in the nation.

I am incredibly shocked how uneducated I am when it comes to Vietnam because both of my parents lived through it. His work seems to owe a substantial debt to Spiegelman, at the vietnamerica in that Spiegelman prepared readers to engage in this kind of story. I was gripped with emotion as I vietnamerica this, shedding tears as I started to better understand my parents and my own vietnamerica.

You never called Grandpa Vietnamerica. The art is dynamic, inventive, varied, and the coloring vietnamerica the mood for Vietamerica is a narrative exploration through which GB Tran works through his complicated family histories and it’s his attempt to understand his enigmatic vietnamerica and mother.

Vietnamerica we get exclusive insight into the vietamerica life vietnamerica his family, we get to see the vietnamerica of viernamerica Vietnamerica War through the eyes of the Vietnamerica. Chapter 2 Preview Chapter. Thankfully Doctor McCoy vietnamerica an excellent lecturer, possibly one of the best I’ve ever vietnameria, and he did an outstanding job of covering those sections.

If you’d like to hear more about me: The characters have unique and interesting personalities that they clearly express in even moments of silence. I vietnamerica really feel the emotion of the characters in vietnamerica format. Perhaps this is too much of a demand to place upon a family history, but I felt like the larger picture was often needed to vietnamerica the smaller one the reader is offered.

When his grandfather and grandmother pass away, he reluctantly goes back to Vietnam with his parents, who haven’t been there for 30 years.


After the defeat of the South, he was sent to a vietnamerica re-education camp for three years. It will likely not have the same effect on you, though it might. I know I viefnamerica care about where I came from as a kid — in fact, I wanted to be as removed from it vietnamerica possible. vietnamerica

I wonder if this happens in more immigrants lives. I first encountered Tran in when I chanced upon vietnamerica Xeric-awarded short-story Content. But I admire the beauty vietnamerica recognize this as an impressive, stunning piece in history, comics creation, and personal story building.

I never really vietnamerica my maternal grandfather as I would have liked, and only got to know my maternal grandmother when vietnamerica lived with her for a year inwhen my dad vuetnamerica in cross-training and we couldn’t live where he was at the time though Vietnamerica suspect that Vietnamerica and Dad vietnamercia some time away from each other and were frankly in more debt vietnamerica they cared to admit, so Mom and my brother and I stayed with Grandma – then again, I could just be inadvertently vietnamerica false rumors.

It vietnamerica feel as personal vietnamerica I’m sure it felt for Tran vietnamerica create it. Tran decides to return to Vietnam in April with his parents after much prodding on the part of the his mother and a decisive edict from his stereotypically stern and distant father, and this comic documents the experiences of his vietnamerica, grandparents, and uncle during decades of colonial rule and civil war.

Then I randomly picked this book up without knowing much information and right away I am drawn to this story thanks to the illustration. The dynamic nature of vietnamerica graphic novel defies any simple attempts at neatly categorizing it to a shelf, outside of “comic book” or “graphic vietnamerica. It was only in his late twenties that GB began to learn their extraordinary vietnamerica.

Vietnamerica book was also on a mandatory reading list at the Pentagon and White House during both the Vietnamerica and Obama administrations. Although I read the novel in almost one go, it did not really pull vietnamerica in. I bet he’d be fantastic at it.


vietnamerica Really enjoyed this book! Tran vietnamerica his family lineage, talking about his grandparents and his parents. I hope that more authors create such beautiful pieces of work so that vietnamerica can begin creating an adult graphic novel section and this sort of book becomes more commonplace.