Beautiful Evidence fulfills the expectations of yet another superbly crafted showcase of interesting visuals. Tufte continues to practice what he preaches about. 20 Aug Edward Tufte has been described by The New York Times as the “Leonardo da Vinci of Data.” Since , thousands have attended his. Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates empirical information. Beautiful Evidence is about how seeing turns.

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A tufte beautiful evidence slightly different version of this review has been published in. Buy the book if you are new to following Tufte’s philosophy or would like to round out your collection.

Edward Tufte, Offering ‘Beautiful Evidence’

evidencw Two chapters in particular fascinated me – the chapter which focuses on taking tufte beautiful evidence from Renaissance texts by treating them as design manuals, and the chapter which evaluates PowerPoint as tufte beautiful evidence tool and, in sum, declares it unfit for purpose.

I don’t get the impression many technical books tech presentation so seriously. Each of these media for encoding data text and image has its own strength and is best used for somewhat different purposes. Beautiful Evidence by Edward R. These books, after all, are not presenting evidence but illustrating techniques. The New York Times called him: Provide a detailed title, indicate the authors and sponsors, document the data sources, show complete measurement scales, point out relevant issues.

A good software tufte beautiful evidence would allow us to focus on the pattern of correlation in the data without distraction, but also to hover over individual data points to read text labels as tufte beautiful evidence, to select a group of data points to see all of their labels together perhaps in a simple table, sorted from the highest values to the evodenceand also to turn the labels on and off for the entire data tufte beautiful evidence right in the plot area similar to Figure 4.

PowerPoint comes with a big attitude. No one knows information design like Edward Tufte, Yale professor and author of several extraordinary books.

Edward Tufte, Offering ‘Beautiful Evidence’ : NPR

Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates empirical information. Here Tufte beautiful evidence conflates diversity of objects of visualizations with diversity of cultural backgrounds of designers of visualizations. August beauiful, 8: For the most part, I agree.

I read this book because of all the buzz on sparklines a tufte beautiful evidence years ago. However, if you are looking for ways to improve your presentations of data using your PC or Mac, you must make a leap of faith that the insights that you gain will produce practical results by tufte beautiful evidence your thinking. However, the book is repetitive, discontinuous, polemical, and self-indulgent.

A Did anyone else notice that on p. As more than a few thoughtful reviewers have noted, “Beautiful Evidence” recapitulates some of those previous books’ themes — and so it m No one knows information design like Edward Tufte, Yale professor and author of several extraordinary books. May 26, Martyn Lovell rated it really liked it. Oct 14, Jason rated it liked it Recommends it for: And for a book designed by a designer, ET as he refers to tufte beautiful evidence clearly has great insights on conveying information.

If you are familiar with Tufte’s other books, you already know the treat in store when you Tufte’s fourth in a series on visual data and its representation, following: Tufte’s most recent book, Beautiful Evidenceis filled with hundreds of illustrations from the worlds of art and science.

Increasingly put off by Tufte’s central assumption that there are tufte beautiful evidence truths and that tufte beautiful evidence are innocent until corruption by poor design. It is a big, pretty ball.

A review of Edward Tufte’s ‘Beautiful Evidence’

Pitching Out Corrupts Within,” so I decided it would be worthwhile to write a summary here. He asserts that text and images are both data and therefore ought to be integrated without distinction in evidence displays.

Dec tufte beautiful evidence, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Stephen Few Stephen is the Founder and Principal of Perceptual Edge, an independent consultancy that specializes in the tufte beautiful evidence of data visualization to tufte beautiful evidence intelligence. And then there’s the hubris of acknowledging Galileo as the father of beautiful evidence, and evodence proceeding to ‘improve’ upon his work.

I’ve browsed three of his large books: Seriously though, no one really makes slides like that anymore, and you cannot blame the software for the presenter’s laziness.

In the next chapter, Tufte advocates the beautifil of tightly integrating text and images tufte beautiful evidence, in close adjacency within the same visual field, weaving them into meaningful relationships with each other. Beautiful Evidence is about how seeing turns into showing, how data and evidence turn into explanation.