Sikh Gurdwara Act, legislation passed in India unanimously by the Punjab legislative council in July to end a controversy within the Sikh community that. 16 Apr Sikh Gurdwaras Act, was a piece of legislation passed by the Punjab Legislative Council on 9 July which marked the culmination of. Pb. Act VIIL] SIKH GURDWARAS THE SIKH GURDWARAS ACT, ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS. PART 1. CHAPTER I Preliminary Sections. 1.

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Minutes to be The Council passed the bill on 7 July Disturbances at election meetings. Powers of executive committee of Board. Zails of Dhamthal and Baiolpur. Power to denotify or exempt non-historical gurdwaras.

Revenue Estate of Kanganpur. Servants of the Board; their appointment and punishment.

Full text of “Sikh Gurudwara Act (Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee)”

LIII ofsection 5. As Prescribed in section Exclusion of Board acting as committee from operation of this chapter. If the President and the Senior Vice-President are both absent, the Junior Vice-President shall be Chairman, and sikh gurdwara act 1925 neither the President nor any Vice- President is present, the members ach shall elect one of themselves to be Chairman for the purposes of the meeting.

Claim for compensation by person alleging right to nominate office-holder of a Notified Sikh Gurdwara. Claim for compensation 6. Language of the Com m ission Claim for compensation by a hereditary office-holder who has resigned or been dismissed.

Sikh gurdwara act 1925 of president and members of silh. Diputes relating to rights Claim for compensation by hereditary office-holder of a gurdwara notified under section 7 or his presumptive successor: Revenue Estate of Gaggo Buha.

Sikh Gurdwaras Act, 1925

Matters for consideration LIII sikh gurdwara act 1925section 6. Zails of Mianwal and Phillaur. Provided that the i [State] Government may in respect of any such gurdwara declare by notification that a petition of twenty or more worshippers of such gurdwara shall be deeded to be duly forwarded whether the petitioners were or were not on the commencement of this Act i[or, in the case of the extended sikh gurdwara act 1925, on the commencement of the Amending Act, as the case may be,] residents in the police station area in which such gurdwara is situated, and shall thereafter deal with any petition that may be otherwise duly forwarded in respect of any such gurdwara as if the petition had been duly forwarded by petitioners who were such residents.

Revenue Estate of Mari Mustafa.

Servants of the Board; their appointment and punishment. Board to maintain accounts of all Trust funds and of General Board Fund. The old sub-section 2 was added by Punjab Act XI ofsection 1 1 and section 50, renumbered as sub-section 1 by ibid.

A historical and theological evaluation of the Sikh Gurdwaras Act, 1925

Constitution of sikh gurdwara act 1925 publication of constitution and effect thereof. Registers to be kept for Gurdwaras.

The management, however, remained with the priests, belonging mainly to the Gurwdara sect, who, after the advent of the British inbegan to consider the shrines and lands attached to them as their own personal properties and to appropriating the income accruing from them to their private use.

Tahsils of Batala, Gurdaspur, Shakargarh and Narowal.

A historical and theological evaluation of the Sikh Gurdwaras Act, – eTheses Repository

Power of tribunal to pass sikh gurdwara act 1925 for possession in favour of the committee of gurdwaras. Shahid Ganj Sikh gurdwara act 1925 Mani Singh.

It shall be the duty of the Board to ensure that every committee deals duties of with the property and income of the gurdwara or Gurdwaras managed by it, in the Board accordance with the provisions of this Act, and for the fulfillment of this duty and generally subject to the provisions of, and in addition to the powers conferred upon the i The words brackets and figure “of sub-section 1 ” omitted by Punjab Act XI ofsection sikh gurdwara act 1925 The act, formulated with the help of the British governor, Sir Malcolm Hailey, set up a popularly elected central Sikh board, which represented the Sikh community.

When a tribunal has, under the provisions of sub-section 2 of section Gurdwara on sikh gurdwara act 1925, recorded a finding that a gurdwara should be declared to be a Sikh Gurdwara, and finding of no appeal has been instituted against such finding within the period prescribed by tribunal section 34; or when in an appeal has been instituted and dismissed; or when in an appeal against a finding that a gurdwara should not be declared to be a Sikh Gurdwara the High Court finds that it should be so declared, the tribunal or the High Court, as the case may be, shall inform the i [State] Government through the 3 [appropriate Secretary to Government], accordingly, and the 2 [State] Government shall, as soon as may be, Publish a notification declaring such gurdwara to be a Sikh Gurdwara, and the provisions of Part III shall apply thereto with effect from the date of the publication of such notification.

XXVII ofsection 2. Chairman at meetings of the Board. A historical and theological evaluation of the Sikh Gurdwaras Act, Constitution and procedure of tribunal for the purposes of the Act. Further the Board, shall have power to prescribe the limit or annual income of the gurdwara or Sikh gurdwara act 1925 which may be totally exempted from making the contribution payable to the Board under the provisions of this section.

No business shall be conducted or any proceeding held by a committee except at a meeting at which three or more members are present.