Jun 21, Posts: Sign up for a new account in our community. In general you will find strong support for these features under Linux, and vendor dependent support under Windows. Aug 26, Posts: By wwu79 , April 3, in Windows XP. I was backing up gigs of data through it and periodically, it would cut out, causing the backup to fail. In general, Realtek support is pretty good.

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Realtek driver for RTL8168C/8111C and Windows 7 64bit

Just general geeky fooling around with consumer-grade hardware. Realtek 8111c Mar 12, 9: My suggestion is that you figure out what features you realtek 8111c need that go beyond what a consumer typically requires see erratick’s listthen find out whether or not the drivers for the NIC you are looking at support those features under the OS you plan on using.

Sat Mar 14, 4: Jun 21, Posts: Hey, at least Realtek 8111c keeps their drivers updated. That’s the exact feedback I was looking for.

How good are Realtek Gig-E chipset network ports on motherboards? – Ars Technica OpenForum

How good are these? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sign in Already have an account? I’m wondering realtek 8111c that’s what’s happening to me? Aug 88111c, Posts: After much frustration on Realtek 8111c, I installed XP 64bit on my computer. By wwu79April 3, in Windows XP.

Realtek network drivers for RTLC/C and Windows 7 64bit

Rrealtek the past there have been throughput problems with boards with the gigabit NIC hung off the PCI bus, causing bandwidth contention with other Realek devices compounded realtek 8111c PCI having only exactly enough theoretical bandwidth to fill a gigabit link.

Jan 26, Posts: I’ve updated the drivers so reaaltek previous issue I was having went away, but I’ve noticed the “connection so and so is now realtek 8111c showing up occasionally. Fri Mar 13, 1: Sign In Sign Up. But when it worked, no problems, although I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy. May 13, Posts: PCI Express is a high-bandwidth, low pin count, serial, interconnect technology that offers significant improvements in performance over conventional PCI and also maintains software compatibility with realtek 8111c PCI infrastructure.

Realtek 8111c viewed at x with IE 6. How good are Realtek Gig-E chipset network ports on motherboards? They release one or two updates a month consistently.

Realtek 8111c, I would hate to spend time troubleshooting a problem only to find it was due to realtek 8111c low-end network chipset. Jun 20, Posts: Try the one here. As long as it is hanging off a bridge chip, then it will be fine.

Oct 22, Posts: I have a new HP Pavilion af desktop pre-installed with Vista. Ligushka Ars Praefectus Realtek 8111c You can test with iperf. To support WOL from a deep power down state e. The equalizer enables the length of the PCB traces to reach realtek 8111c inches. It also supports an auxiliary power auto-detect function, and rewltek auto-configure related bits of the PCI power management realtek 8111c in PCI configuration space.