cabinet make the ESP-LX Plus controllers easy to install Rain Bird’s remote receiver. Station timing: 0 to 12 hours for all stations . be manually reset to ON . 21 Sep The Rain Bird ESP LX Plus is a modular programmable irrigation Select ” MANUAL WATERING” with the dial to manually control the. Rain Bird ESP-LX ESP6-LX Plus Controller with manual and door key. Rain Bird sprinkler timer controller 12 station yard lawn water ESPLX 2 keys.

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ESP-LX Plus and ESP-LXi Plus | Rain Bird

A key-lock door and durable cabinet make the ESP-LX Plus controllers easy to install, operate and service, even in the most challenging environments. Start time stacking prevents hydraulic overload.

The controllers’ four independent programs with four independent day cycle modes will accommodate a myriad of diverse irrigation requirements, including low volume drip manula. Battery recharging circuit maintains fully charged Ni-MH backup battery included to keep current time and date during a power outage.

Special Fuse Circuitry detects and displays when a fuse has blown.

Programmable rain delay enables system to stay off for specified period with an auto-restart. D-drip program can run simultaneously with program A, B or C to maximize hydraulic capacity and minimize watering time.

Rain Bird 6lx Plus Controller Esp-6lx

Non-volatile program memory maintains user’s program during a power outage independent of the battery backup. Diagnostic circuit breaker and LED fault indicator identify electrical shorts, skip shorted stations, and continue irrigation cycle. Extra-Simple Programming brd self-prompting large alphanumeric LCD display makes this controller easy to program, read and understand.

Event-Day-Off option to set any day of the month as a non-watering day for all programs accommodates special occasions and special watering ordinances.

Removable, battery-programmable panel for the convenience of both programming instruction and programming prior to installation.

Includes easy-to-mount, heavy-duty plastic cabinet with key-lockable door and swing-out, quick release face panel, as well as all internal wiring no junction box neededfor clean-looking, professional installation.

Surge protection makes the controller reliable and robust under extreme field conditions. Primary input side has built-in MOV metal oxide rain bird esp 12 lx plus manual to protect microcircuitry; output side has manuual built-in MOV for each valve station Dimensions: Variable test program for system operational testing.

Sensor inputs and override switch with LED indicate when irrigation is suspended. Programmable Delay-Between-Stations provides time for water well recovery or time for slow-closing valves to turn off completely.

Designed for light commercial and residential use, these controllers offer an extensive array of advanced and easy-to-use features for professional irrigation control.

Four independent programs A- B- C- and D-dripwith six start times each, allow mixed irrigation applications in a single controller.