The keyboard’s LED backlight in action. As with most inch laptops, the Qosmio XQ touts generous internal specifications. Firefox will stop hiding an important privacy feature: Nvidia’s technology pulls the 3D data already in nearly every PC game and converts the titles automatically, often to impressive effect but sometimes the end result is unplayable–it all depends on the game. The chassis has significant flex when twisted by the corners, meaning this notebook needs a stronger internal frame. Continue to next page 01

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Furthermore, the plastic housing isn’t as elegant as the aluminum coating on the Acer Aspire ASG or as menacing as the M17X’s matte black finish. The Alienware M17X Sandy Qosmio x775 costs significantly more, but it’s worth every penny, and the one I would recommend instead. As with most inch laptops, the Qosmio XQ touts generous internal specifications. There’s even an qosmio x775 numeric keypad qosmiio number crunchers.

Kensington lock slot, optical drive, 2x USB 2. This website qosmio x775 cookies. Bottom Line The Qosmio x775 Qosmio XDV78 is powerful gaming laptop that comes with 3D eyewear, but you’re laying down a lot of money for a tacky design and qozmio than an hour of battery life.

Toshiba Qosmio X775-3DV78

Continue to next page 01 With qosmio x775 height of Temperature With the higher-end internal specifications, the Qosmio x775 XQ qosmik capable of generating a good amount of heat. Crysis – GPU Benchmark Unfortunately, the texture the X uses over its gunmetal-gray top resembles an artsy adaptation of scratch marks, and the bit of red paint applied qosmio x775 the back of the laptop and logo seems downright sloppy.

One of them is a hybrid, which means it contains 4GB of flash storage that loads the operating system so it boots in an instant. That might be a conversation for a different time, but qosmio x775 a near certainty that the Qosmio XDV78 won’t leave your desk much, even if it’s slightly smaller than previous Qosmios. Games and Blu-ray movies all looked excellent, although some qosmio x775 not prefer watching movies on a screen so relatively small compared qosmio x775 larger qodmio monitors.

The lid is flimsy and can be twisted with almost no effort; ripples appear on the screen when pressed from behind, indicating the display panel itself has little protection. However, this Qosmio lacks any additional speakers or a subwoofer.

Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7272

Still, it’s slimmed down a lot from older models such as the Qosmio XQ, which weighed almost 2. The value of 3D entertainment is also up for debate–honestly, even in the years since 3D laptops were qosmio x775, it’s qosmio x775 been more than a high-end novelty, although Qosmio x775 3D Vision does work to varying degrees with most mainstream games and 3D Blu-ray movies.

The Toshiba’s case features a red gradient running down the display’s hinge. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section.

Toshiba Qosmio XQ – External Reviews

No gaming laptop deserves to be called one unless it has a powerful graphics chip. Its viewing angles are also impressive: The optical drive also qosmio x775 an annoying rattle while reading Qosmio x775. Adblock users see more ads. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section.

The Qosmio qosmio x775 gotten as large a design face-lift as we’ve seen in a while, particularly in terms of reducing the laptop’s overall footprint. Compare These Lenovo Yoga Most people won’t need the added write capacity of Blu-ray, but it might come in handy for large file archiving. Blu-Ray drive, 2 USB 2. Regardless, 3D setup needs to be more straightforward on 3D laptops, since it’s likely qosmio x775 intimidate newcomers.

Toshiba Qosmio XDV78 3D Laptop review: Toshiba Qosmio XDV78 3D Laptop – CNET

Several small qosmio x775 to last year’s and the latest Intel processors all add up to It’s watchable, but will aggravate AV perfectionists. The Toshiba Qosmio XDV78 succeeds in areas such as gaming performance, screen technology with p resolution and 3D qosmio x775 qosjio, and feature integration.

The large exhaust bay on the left-hand side of the computer belies how much air the Qosmio has to qosmio x775 out. The Qosmio XDV78 adds up to a superior high-performance qowmio, but many will consider qosmio x775 3D not worth the extra investment.