La cronica del Peru/ The Chronicles Of Peru (Spanish Edition) [Pedro Cieza de Leon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ESTE LIBRO FUE. The First part of the Chronicle of Peru by Pedro Cieza de León is described by the Tags: Biblioteca Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, crónica, crónica de indias, Inca . Full-Text Paper (PDF): Translation and the Cronica del Peru: The Voices of Pedro Cieza de Leon.

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Apart from these ruins there are the buildings of the Yncas, and the house where Manco Ynca, the son of Huayna Ccapac, was born. Ivan rated it it was ok Oct 21, All this water flows out in a deep river which they called the Desaguadero, and falls into the lake which, as I have already said, is called Oedro.

Translation and the Cronica del Peru: There were also many disputes and lawsuits among the traffickers. Though his works are historical and narrate the events of the Spanish conquest of Peru and the civil wars among the Spaniards, much of their importance lies in his detailed descriptions of geography, ethnography, flora and fauna. Before the Yncas pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru the pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, many of the Indians declare that there were two great lords in the Colloa, the one called Sapana and the other Cari, who conquered leeon pucaras which are their fortresses.

The winter begins as I have already said in October, and lasts until April. In this chapter I shall relate how this is.


Gonzalo Pizarro’s force barely amounted to infantry and 85 cavalry. When the Yncas conquered this country, the people of these villages had large flocks of sheep. Marcia Morales Montesinos marked it as to-read Nov 01, In many neighbouring hills, within the jurisdiction of this town of Plata, rich.

Here there are some very grand edifices, and amongst them there is a square court, 15 brazas each way, with walls two stories high. Notwithstanding all this, the citizens have thought of moving nearer to the great lake of Titicaca, between the villages of Huaqui and Tiahuanaco.

On each side of dep figure there pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru a number of small squares on the cornice, in three rows, each containing a human figure in profile with a walking-stick in the hand.

Each of these llamas brings forth pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru in the year, and no more. Besides these, there is another sort of llamas, called vicunas.

Of the founding of the city called of Our Lady of Peace, who was its founder, and of the road thence to the town of Plata. The sculpture of this head is very remarkable. For there are no rocks nor quarries within a great distance, from whence they could have been brought. Pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru is pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru that these edifices were commenced before the time of the Yncas, and I have heard some Indians affirm.

That they may not be easily tired, some forty or fifty unladen animals accompany the drove, that they may take their turn with the burdens. There is yet another kind of tame llamas, which are called alpacas, but they are very ugly and woolly.

Part one of the Chronicle of Peru, Pedro Cieza de León | Proyecto Estudios Indianos

It is now one of the principal towns in the modern Republic of Bolivia. But, as I have already said, the civil wars of the Spaniards have been like a great pestilence, both to the Indians and to their flocks.

If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article.

It appears from what the Indians now say that, pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru the times when the Kings Yncas governed this kingdom of Peru, they obtained a great quantity of silver from some parts of this province of Charcas, and Indians were stationed there, who gave the metal to the overseers or their deputies.

But in this new world of the Indies, as they knew nothing of letters, we are in a state of bhndness concerning many things. Besides the villages already mentioned, this town has jurisdiction over Totora, Tapacan, Sipisipe, Cochabamba, the Carangues, Quillanca, Chayanta, Chaqui, the Chichas, and many others, all very rich, and some, like the valley of Cochabamba, suited for the growth of wheat and maize, and for breeding cattle.

La crónica del Perú

After they are dried they call these potatoes chunus, and they are highly esteemed and valued among them. Read this for my conquest of Peru class and as far as chronicles go this one’s pretty readable.

Many of these stones are carved in different ways, some of them having the shape of the human body, which must have. The males always remain on lofty heights, while the females come down into the pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru to feed, and when the males see any one coming, they bleat like the neighing of a horse, to warn the females, and they gallop away with the females in front.

It is not known why this edifice was made. They are so large that they seem like small giants, and it is clear that they have on a sort of clothing different from those now worn by the natives of these parts. After they were conquered by the Yncas, their villages were well ordered, and both men and women wore pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru.

Of the great district which is inhabited by the Collas of the appearance of the land where their villages are built, and how Mitimaes were stationed to supply them with provisions. These activities include the following:.

But in Potosi, although this plan has been tried, it pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru never succeeded. Roberta added it Jul 24, cronicx This city of La Paz was founded by the captain Alonzo de Mendoza, in the name of the Emperor our lord, when the licentiate Pedro de la Gasca was president of this kingdom, in the year of our redemption Of the ancient ruins at Pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, of the former greatness of Hatun-colla, of the village called Azangaro, and of other things wliich are here related.

In other parts lfon have Mitimaes stationed to raise their maize and coca. The value of articles was not great, and cloths, linens, and Hollands were sold almost as cheap as in Spain.

Both men and women are clothed in cronics dresses. They walk along uttering sad and sorrowful pedro cieza de leon cronica del peru, while an Indian goes before them mourning and playing on a drum. Carlos Obando marked it as to-read Dec 02, Before cronia defeat and death of the viceroy Blasco Nunez de Vela, near Quito in JanuaryGonzalo Pizarro had sent his lieutenant Carbajal to reduce the province of Charcas, and put down a revolt headed by Diego Centeno and Lope de Mendoza.

Of the great lake which is within the province of the Collao, of its depth, and of the temple of Titicaca.