I purchased the sq tour about 9 months ago. Off center hits are apparent, but the distance does not suffer a great deal. It has a very muted sound, so I didn’t know if it had a deep crack in it somewhere but I love the results. If you want a long accurate driver, then get a SQ. By Entering your email, you agree to 2nd Swing’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions , including receipt of 2nd Swing emails and promotions.

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After using it times the headcover goes on and off with ease. Sasqutach used to have a Callaway Big Bertha and was hiting a high fade with that nike sq sasquatch tour 460 then i switched over to the SQ tour and have being hitting a high draw ever since. That is how good we were all hitting the ball with this Nike SasQuatch driver.

Nike SasQuatch Tour 460 Drivers

FootJoy Golf Clothing [-]. I must say, however, that I only play round drivers. I get nice straight drives everytime. I currently use a King Cobra Ti and have a hard time with the bigger drivers.

Posted 28 October – What was I going to do after my most cherished club-my Nike Nike sq sasquatch tour 460 9. Posted 22 February – Had a chance to check it out at a demo day, they had all the gadgets hooked up so you could sasquatdh swings speed, spin, launch angle, etc. Your email address You must enter a valid email address.

Reviews: Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Golf Club | eBay

The shaft was not the smoothest, but seemed to work well. Ball flight seemed way too low, and without much spin.

Highest pricing when you trade or sell. ANyone who stuggles to hit fairways should increase the loft of thier driver.

I had one bad drive on the day, and even bad nike sq sasquatch tour 460 produced better results than I deserved. The best part is that it is easy to work left and right. Fitting Message Every golfer wants more distance and accuracy. I never thought I would get over it’s looks rour performance touur outstanding.

The head has a nice profile at address. At address is looks clean and smooth and gives me supreme confidence.

Nike SQ Tour 460 9.5 Degree Driver Regular Flex Graphite 524386

I installed a grafalloy epic shaft. Thank you NIike, you’ve outdone yourselves again.

Some models are suitable for a wide range of abilities and will be shaded accordingly. I found one of these drivers with this shaft.

I had seen a nike before and thought it was about as normal as possible for the new era drivers so bought one. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?

Nike Sasquatch Tour Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

I was able to draw the ball, hit it low it was VERY windy and keep it in play. I love the sound and the weight of the driver is just perfect. And when I catch one, it just goes. The sound that comes off the face is a sold ding thats thicker than most Titanium clubs. The SasQuatch is the best nike sq sasquatch tour 460 in the world. Go for it, man, go for it. We have also taken steel or graphite shafts in to consideration at this level. The SQ seems to be a bit better about those staying somewhere in the neighborhood of being playable out nike sq sasquatch tour 460 the rough rather than in the trees or worse.

Distance, though quite far, was outweighed by the consistency of strike and direction.