Press Scan on the control panel. Print Layout Layout— Select the layout you want to print. Modify an image with a photo editor. Verify that your All-In-One is functioning properly. View an image of what will be printed or copied. From this section You can Scan Select a program to send the scanned image to.

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You can open Print Properties from almost any program:. The All-In-One Lexmark 2200 page displays. The View Saved Images page consists of three sections.

Printer Status Main dialog box. Clean to fix horizontal streaks. Troubleshoot other ink problems.

Align Cartridges Align the cartridges. Only a color cartridge may have been shipped with your All-In-One.

Copy Select the quantity and color of your copies. View lexmark 2200 ink levels of the print cartridges. Save an image on my computer.

Maintaining your All-In-One

To extend lexmark 2200 life of your color cartridge and improve printing speed, install a black cartridge along lexmark 2200 the color cartridge. For help, see Aligning the print cartridges. Repeat an image several times on one page. From this section You can Scan Select a program to send the scanned image to.

Make Your Selection

Enlarge or reduce your copies. For more information, see Printer Selection dialog. Layout— Select the layout you want to print. Lexmark’s All-In-One warranty does not lexmark 2200 repair of failures or damage caused by a refilled cartridge. Lighten or darken your copies.

Find and change settings. Specifying cartridge settings in the printer software Before specifying the print cartridge settings in the printer software, install the cartridges. Paper Setup Type— Select the type of paper you are using.

Install a black print cartridge lexmark 2200 optimum print quality. Click See More Scan Lexmark 2200 to view all settings. Select the quantity and color of your copies. Print a test page. If your document still does not have the print quality you want, align the print cartridges.

Download Lexmark Series

Add a printer located on a remote subnet. Duplexing— Select this when you want to print on both sides of the paper. If print lexmark 2200 is still not lexmark 2200, replace the print cartridges. Preserving the print cartridges To ensure the longest life from your print cartridges and optimum performance from your All-In-One:. You can add a single printer or search the subnet for all available printers.

The Lexmark Solution Center is a valuable information resource. Snap the lexmark 2200 closed. Lexmark does not recommend use of refilled cartridges. Adjust the size of the scanned area.