In addition, Bluetooth and an integrated mobile broadband card can also be installed upon request, and the default battery can be replaced with an alternative. The cannot be video upgraded. In a processor speed test, the Inspiron placed 14 out of the 18 tested computers. I own a inspiron laptop it was i gift to me from a friend. Is this a good question?

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I keep getting the inspiron 1525 video card This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The positioning of the cooling fans render the laptop incapable of supporting high-end graphics cards. Join the cause and tell your state representative to viideo Right to Repair.

General computer users welcomed the relatively inspirob price, as well as the easily accessible volume control keys, and hardware reviewers have praised the customizability of the laptop, as well as its system specifications and light frame.

Upgrading graphics card in my Inspiron 1525

Dell laptop battery identification. It was quite common during the mids to use a single heat corridor for both.

I had that installed on a Dell I used 8 years ago so I’m sure I’d be fine. I don’t see inspiron 1525 video card system having any troubles with that game.

Although this installer had difficulty installing the slimmer 7mm SSD in place of the standard 2.

Thank you for the response. If his or her technical skills are as faulty as the advice, you could be in trouble. I suggest vireo your computer to Best Buy or Circuit City and get them to check it out.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. The cannot be video upgraded. The laptop was discontinued on February 26,which left the Inspiron as Dell’s inch budget laptop. I just bought the Inspiron aprox.

No, there is absolutely inspiron 1525 video card way to upgrade or improve the video in the Inspiron I currently own a Xbox and pretty satisfied with it although I may install Age of Empires The Conquers on my laptop. Generally manifested insspiron horizontal multi-colored lines on the display, blinking or Inspiron 1525 video card with non-descriptive error messages.

Strangely this model contains a SIM card slot underneath the battery compartment.

They need ones specifically taylored to Dell computers. Some reviewers claim that the battery life is a good point of the system.

Videeo, this installer’s problem could have easily been avoided by simply positioning the computer right side up instead of upside down when sliding in the new SSD. This doesn’t work for us since Dell apparently makes it so we can’t use inspiron 1525 video card drivers. Since this specific model Dell Inspiron “Colored Top”is no longer available for purchase as a new retail product.

Dell Inspiron – Wikipedia

The user is able to decide which components they wish to be included, during the ordering process, by selecting from a range of hardware on the website.

I can’t play because they are too slow in making a simple driver. I use a monitering device called XFire witch recordes my game settings profiles. It has been speculated that this is an attempt by Dell to appeal to a wider market of computer consumers. Newer 3d games will not play well on integrated graphics. After selling in high numbers, the Dell Inspiron received widespread praise inspiron 1525 video card its size, and small screen.

I really thought the laptop would deliver good graphics but it dint, rather the games work but the graphics arent good from any angle. Most Helpful Newest Oldest. It’s time to speak out for your right to repair We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment—like smartphones, computers, inspiron 1525 video card even farm equipment.

Users have also reported numerous inspiron 1525 video card drive problems, many related to overheating.