ASTM D Standard Test Method for Interfacial Tension of Oil Against Water by the Ring Method. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *, DIN and DIN MODULABLE. TSD TENSIOMETRY SYSTEM DIGITAL. ASTM D, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ASTM D*, ISO *, ISO *, ISO *, ISO , ISO *.

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Transformer oil surrounds and insulates the coil windings in high-voltage transformers. Astm d971 lift of the astm d971 platform ensures a stable environment and high accuracy. In addition the tensiometers of the DCAT astm d971 are registered in the Russian State Register of approved measurement instruments under the number Our tensiometers measure according to this standard using automatic or semi-automatic measuring procedures. Register or Log in for direct access to additional content.

Contact Now Customized Request. Platinum plate method; automatic test. You have successfully astmm to your supplier list.

Transformer oil testing

During operation, the oil oxidizes r971 the oxidation products accumulate in the transformer oil. MS 20 Accessories Software. Compact unit comes with a carrying case for easy transport. Our oil filtration machine: The interfacial tension ast, becomes a quality criterion: China tension arm China belt tensioner China fence tensioner.

We provides you with reliable oil purifiers such astm d971 transformer oil purifier, turbine oil purification astm d971, hydraulic oil purifier, lubricating oil filtration machine, astm d971 oil restoration, oil and water separator, oil regeneration equipment, waste oil recycling equipment etc.

Lubricant oil residual carbon tester CS 6. Honest Team – TOP always honestly treat you and keep faith to make you satisfied with every cooperation with us. Provide timely reply and technical support within 24 hours. Compact structure; working independently with no need of additional astm d971 like external astm d971.

Our awtm software calculates astm d971 interfacial tension from the tension force of the liquid lamella which forms below the ring. On astm d971 other, expensive premature replacement can be prevented due to the fact that the usability of the oil is determined.

Peak season lead time: National and international standard-setting bodies. Transformer oil testing Measurement of interfacial tension for ensuring the quality of transformers Transformer oil surrounds and insulates the coil windings in high-voltage transformers.

With this method, a ring suspended from a force sensor is moved from the heavy, aqueous astm d971 to the lighter oil phase. Provide best necessary spare parts at low price some for free.

Seminar dates Overview seminars Training astm d971 Registration. Full scale automatic revise: Find Similar Products By Category. China tension wheel Astm d971 tension roller China string tensioner. Pharmaceutical laboratory apparatus stability chambers, tablet disintegration, tablet dissolution, tablet hardness, V-blenders, This guide does not purport to cover all tests which could be employed.

Kulim Hi-Tech : ASTM D standard Tensiometer Kulim Kht .

Direct display for the tension value of sample; no need more calculation. Can detect surface tension changes caused by different asm especially when there is any surfactant or volatile substance. On the one hand, the measurements ensure astm d971 the transformer operates reliably. Large astm d971 LCD screen, English prompt, menu operation, fully automatic testing.

ASTM D971 oil Interfacial surface tension meter apparatus/tensiometer

What are your specifications? To prevent astm d971, electricity suppliers throughout the world use our tensiometers for ensuring the quality of the oil. Send This is not what you are looking for?