However the race is now on to create a larger ‘high ball speed’ zone on drivers and this is why the slot has been introduced on the Speedline Super S driver. Jason Dufner wears many hats. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. To compensate the for added weight, the LS comes with two weight screws one heavy, one light , which will allow golfers to make the swing weight a few points heavier or lighter. I presume less than grams, but I like lightweight drivers and am looking to compare it to the Cleveland classic XL which weighs grams. I would like to spend a couple hours with a tub of balls to give them a real good test drive.

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U would sell even more!!! Well I did not care much for the Exotics, the Mizuno was okay but did not feel just right, the Cobra felt great in fact I almost stopped testing and bought them but to be fair I wanted to hit the Adams Super S. Alberto 5 years ago. I was probably 2 clubs farther than before. To compensate the for added weight, the LS comes with two weight adms one heavy, one lightwhich will allow golfers to make the swing weight a few points heavier or lighter.

Not to worry, they will be discounted to susidize cost with a giftcard, or some other marketing sceme that TM does — with their flagship brand products….

Dave m 5 years ago. Published 10 months ago on Aug speedlinne, Tour Model Golf 5 years ago. 2013 adams speedline super s anyone explain the difference between the two lines as far as the 3 Hybrid is concerned? In the past, they’ve offered both in this line. The head designs are more compact. Rich Jun 26, at 3: The Idea Pro a12 irons and hybrids are 2013 adams speedline super s due for a refresh. That is a solid deal.

Those do look alot like the Ansers. I actually went through a fitting yesterday and the pro put these in my hand. I actually like mine.

Adams Super S and LS Drivers: Editor Review

I have the new Adams XTD driver and it forms cracks on the top slot. Despite their slimmer frames, however, the G drivers are actually more forgiving than the G drivers which were even more forgiving than the G One question I have and maybe Tony you can help 2013 adams speedline super s.

Hit the 5-PW very well for me though and that’s what I use at most courses I play anyway. Supee 5 years ago. I sort of agree with your last sentence, but I’d also caution against spending too much money.

Video interview: Adams Speedline Super S Combo-Irons – PGA Merchandise Show | Today’s Golfer

Brian 5 years ago. Many called this intrusion distracting, supper Adams got it right. Needless to say I really liked the feel when I caught it cleanly.

I’ll check out the other ones you suggested though. The same slot on a driver would push the performance past what the USGA allows.

My playing partner swings the Nike Covert, and when I let him swing the Speedline S he was inpressed too the accuracy and distance he got with it. You know I love a good Adams LS story.

I was hitting both irons with a draw yet the Adams stunned me when every hit was on average yards farther plus they 2013 adams speedline super s like a dream in my hands kinda like cutting through butter with a hot knife, they were that smooth. Tour News 2 weeks ago.

When all was said and done, George was able to scrub an incredible rpm of spin off his drives. You know how it works, shareholders and all that.